Claire Paris

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Claire B Paris-Limouzy

Claire Paris-Limouzy

Professor of Atmospheric Sciences

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Claire Paris is a biological oceanographer with a diverse background in larval ecology, coastal oceanography, and numerical modeling. She has brought recognition to the key role of behavior of the pelagic larval stage in the connectivity of marine populations and the function of ecosystems. She leads a team of researchers and students at the Physical-Biological Interactions Lab, focussing on biophysical dispersion at sea, as well as the transport and fate of pollutants, debris, and oil spills from deep-sea blowout.

Paris has developed numerical and empirical tools for her laboratory and field research, both used worldwide: the Connectivity Modeling System (CMS) is an Open-Source Software (OSS) that virtually tracks biotic and abiotic particles in the ocean, and the Drifting In Situ Chamber (DISC) is a field instrument used to track the movement behavior of the early life history stages of marine organisms and detect the signals they use to orient and navigate.